Competition Images

I joined the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) last May upon graduating from Langara College. A couple of weeks back I decided to participate in the Western States District Competition as this was going to be the very first time that the PPA was accepting digital images! Previously, PPA competitions were based on prints only.

I am beyond honoured to share that, not only were all the images I submitted accepted – but 3 out of those 4 images earned Seals of Approval – equivalent of a “Merit” in Canada – I believe. I am pretty blown away! I am now submitting them to the International Competition and considering a different 4th image other than the “Lions Gate Bridge” I submitted.

Thank you to all of you who assisted me not only with feedback in preparation of my image submissions but also guidance and advice in preparation of the competition process – Patricia Mathis, Karen Learmonth, Anna Beaudry, Don MacGregor and Sam Gardner.

Many of you on Facebook were asking to see the images – so I am posting them here to share – the first 3 were given Seals of Approval and the last one “Lions Gate Bridge” was Accepted:

"Mourning A Fading Tradition"

"A Tense Moment"

"Porcelain Beauty"

"Lions Gate Bridge"


11 thoughts on “Competition Images

  1. Amazing work Ellie: We are both blown away. What it takes to be a great photographer, you have.

    We particularly like the life study and the tradition dressed African. The Lions Gate is unusual and spectacular.

    S & L

  2. Wow Ellie!! Those are BEAUTIFUL. Stunning. They make me quiet.

    The first one blows me absolutely away.

    The cat should be in National Geographic. So clear. The tension so perfectly captured.

    Your porcelain beauty is a study of astounding light and dark and smooth.

  3. Hi Ellie,
    Your photo of the Lions Gate Bridge is fantastic! Houle Electric whom I work for did the electrical work during the upgrade of the bridge and I would like to use your photo for some of our marketing material (websites, brochures etc., etc). Can you give me a call or send me an email to discuss this further.

    Allan Lanzador
    Tel (604) 456-2370

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