Postcard from Positano


A quick hello and an image to share from the Amalfi Coast.

We arrived in Sorrento yesterday morning after taking a bus from Rome. This part of Italy is magical, it’s so beautiful – and a place I will definitely come back to and spend more time.

Today we hopped on the city bus that took us to Positano – another small town perched on the cliffs of the Amalfi coastline – and one I have dreamed of visiting since I was about 15 years old. The weather wasn’t one to cooperate today unfortunately – it thundered and rained all day long. And still, this little town didn’t disappoint in her beauty, in spite of mother nature not cooperating. I strolled along the old cobbled stone streets and photographed my way down from the top of the cliffs where we arrived to the beachfront. We ate lunch at a restaurant recommended to me by my dear friend Suzanne Le Stage – Chez Black’s. What a great recommendation. Fantastic service, gorgeous food – and lots of entertaining guests and characters around us the entire time. At one point, Kirstie Alley came running in from the rain with a large golf umbrella that happened to open up and trip her just as she was walking past our table – a very comical moment that had everyone in stitches laughing! A moment handled with panache and comedy as only Kirstie can do!

Lunch was a “most of the afternoon” affair – I’ve learned to slow down to the pace of life here in this country – these people know how to “do lunch”! The schedule that Italians live on is quite different from us, as most of you know. People will work here from 9am until 1pm, then break for lunch from about 1-4pm, then resume work after 4pm and work until 8pm. During the time from 1-4pm, most places will literally shut down, and people either go home and eat or eat out – and take their time enjoying themselves with several courses over the largest meal of the day with family and friends. It’s a wonderful experience to partake in at a large table. I had the opportunity to do this last weekend at a Saturday afternon BBQ, which I shared on Facebook a few days ago. So fun!

I’ve had many adventures since I last posted when I arrived in Rome – but those will have to wait a few more days. I’ve got lots to talk about re: Italy and my experience photographing on my trip. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the next couple of days before I come home. The weather is supposed to clear up for us tomorrow, so we’ll be exploring more of the coastline and I’ll be photographing, of course!

Ciao for now, more to come… !



I’m currently travelling and realizing a dream I have had longer than I am willing to admit. Italy. We arrived in Rome yesterday morning. While it definitely feels a bit surreal to be in Vancouver one minute and then a matter of hours later to be walking along cobble stoned streets thousands of years old eating gelato – I love it! We were greeted with a day of 30 degree Celsius weather – nice!

I did a walkabout around central Rome late yesterday afternoon with friends and had a meal for dinner. I think that I would be remiss to only share photographs of this trip – as food is also going to be a central experience that will also be shared. Such a simple meal, but I believe I just ate the Caprese salad of my life followed by a gorgeous dish of pasta unlike anything I’ve ever eaten. Simple food packed with flavour.

Just that initial walk took us past some of the biggest sights in the city – The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and the list goes on… I decided against bringing along my larger DSLR camera for this initial foray into the city given how tired I was and just chose to shoot with my iPhone instead. I really just wanted to wander and take it all in on my first experience.

The Spanish Steps...

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain


Dome ceiling inside the Pantheon

If I am to be completely honest, I am feeling visually overstimulated – everywhere I turn there is something to see, photograph and experience! The architecture alone is mind boggling.

Nearly every building has beautiful and unique doorways and windows – my favorite things to photograph about architecture.

Piazza Navona

Then there is art, people, food…. I could go on and on…and I will in the following days as I spend more time exploring the city and places outside Rome with my camera.

For the most part on this trip I will be walking a fine line of being a tourist and also fitting in to the local scene. I’ve rented an apartment with my friend Shiraine – Rome will be my base. It’s been an interesting experience setting up house, grocery shopping and getting to know the neighbourhood we’re in.

Stay tuned for more entries in the next few days…really looking forward to diving in on this new adventure! 🙂