It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been in what feels like a creative funk or rut – much in need of renewed inspiration – although I have been shooting for play as regularly as I can – I feel like I finally managed to shoot some fun images worth sharing that came out of a spontaneous event.

On Wednesday night, I was invited by a good friend to race on a sailboat out of West Vancouver. It’s been awhile since I had the pleasure of boating. Also, Vancouver had it’s first absolutely spectacular sunny day in  – I have no idea how long it has been. The combination of boating and gorgeous weather had me looking skyward and silently saying thank you while remembering days like that are why I live in this city.

Naturally, camera came with me – and I got to “play” and experiment creatively while the crew raced the boat and I tried to stay out of the way and do my thing. Images that came out of my play time follow – now feeling re-inspired and renewed from such a beautiful evening. There will be lots more sailing and shooting for me this season 🙂

Thanks John P. and crew for an amazing time!