Nouns of Assembly

Another post to share more of my images from Africa.

While photographing wildlife, we were given some fun trivia while out on a game drive with Ryan and David – leaders of our safari trip. We were taught that there are different nouns to describe groups of animals – more accurately described as nouns of assembly. Some we knew, most others we did not….great fun…

A herd of Elephants.
A pride of Lions.
A tower or kaleidoscope of Giraffe.
A colony of Ants.
A troop of Baboons.
A float of Crocodiles.
A cast of Falcons.
A bloat of Hippos.
A leap of Leopards.
A troop of Monkeys.
A crash of Rhinos.
A mustering of Stork.
A zeal or dazzle of Zebra.

A herd of Elephants - morning light in Samburu.

Wildebeests on Crescent Island - Lake Naivasha Region


A float of Crocs - Samburu


A pride of Lions - Masai Mara


Giraffes - Masai Mara


Colony of Pelicans - Crescent Island - Lake Naivasha region.

Stay tuned for more information on an upcoming slide show I will be doing at the Nyala Restaurant in May. It will be an evening of Ethiopian Food and images of Kenya. Details to follow shortly.


Homeward Bound

Hi all! Here I thought I would have had time to post many entries and images during my time away. Ha, how wrong I was about that. I had taken about 3000 images on my Safari in Africa…which I am still in the process of editing…not to mention processing the experiences I had. Easily, this was the most amazing trip I have ever done and also some of the happiest days of my life. In short, life changing on several levels.

I am on my way home and about to board my flight to Vancouver shortly. I thought I would leave you with a few postcards of images from the trip until I am able to post again when I return home.