Artful Impression – Siwash Rock

Today, I’m filled to the brim with appreciation for where I live. It’s mid-December…and it was a spectacular day here in Vancouver. The last few weeks have been pretty cold, but the sun has been out most of the time, whereas we’re normally accustomed to grey dreariness and rain, rain and more rain.

Today, I was in English Bay and walked half the seawall in Stanley Park with Shiraine. We hadn’t seen each other since I left Italy. Of course, we’re both missing Italy, but, conversation was geared towards, “Look where we live!”, “Days like this make you remember why we live here…”, “Can you believe how spectacular this is??”.

Both of us, armed with iPhones and point and shoot cameras, stopped in our favorite spots along the wall to shoot the views of the harbour – laughed at bobbing birds in the water, jostled with joggers and got sprayed by waves leaning too far over the wall while shooting…a day of play.

Siwash Rock has been photographed countless times, and it remains as one of my favorite spots in the city. I’m in the beginning stages of planning and working on a rather large project that will showcase Vancouver from my perspective in a “Close To Home” kinda way here on the blog. Here is my version of Siwash Rock today, in winter, as the sun was going down. Stay tuned for more “Vancouver goodness”!