Artful Impression – Siwash Rock

Today, I’m filled to the brim with appreciation for where I live. It’s mid-December…and it was a spectacular day here in Vancouver. The last few weeks have been pretty cold, but the sun has been out most of the time, whereas we’re normally accustomed to grey dreariness and rain, rain and more rain.

Today, I was in English Bay and walked half the seawall in Stanley Park with Shiraine. We hadn’t seen each other since I left Italy. Of course, we’re both missing Italy, but, conversation was geared towards, “Look where we live!”, “Days like this make you remember why we live here…”, “Can you believe how spectacular this is??”.

Both of us, armed with iPhones and point and shoot cameras, stopped in our favorite spots along the wall to shoot the views of the harbour – laughed at bobbing birds in the water, jostled with joggers and got sprayed by waves leaning too far over the wall while shooting…a day of play.

Siwash Rock has been photographed countless times, and it remains as one of my favorite spots in the city. I’m in the beginning stages of planning and working on a rather large project that will showcase Vancouver from my perspective in a “Close To Home” kinda way here on the blog. Here is my version of Siwash Rock today, in winter, as the sun was going down. Stay tuned for more “Vancouver goodness”!


Le Marché St. George

Truth be known, I’ve mentioned this to a few friends, but I’ve been sitting on the need to write a post and share about the discovery of this gem of a café, until this morning, when I returned from yet another great visit. Today is the day.

My neighbour Jacqui introduced me to Marché St. George this past summer. It was like she couldn’t resist letting me in on a wonderful, well kept secret – “Hey, I found this fabulous café, we have to go for coffee there – you need to see this place!” Boy am I glad she did…

Located in a residential neighbourhood, on the corner of East 28th Ave. and St. George’s St., Le Marché St. George is housed in a renovated 100 year old building. From the minute I walked over the threshold, I was taken…I felt like I’d walked into a Parisian café and grocery. The rustic ambiance, the simple and sparse vintage decor, the fresh bread and selection of pastries, service on silver platters, the grocery portion that sells a variety of dry and gourmet canned goods, locally cured meats, artisan cheeses, organic produce, and a variety of international natural textiles…a feast for the eyes and senses!

Of course, doing what I do, I couldn’t help myself, I pulled out my iPhone and started snapping away…

Marché St. George has an informative blog that keeps you up to date on the newest events, products and news here. It has also received numerous mentions in columns and newspaper sections locally, and nationally including the Travel section of the New York Times – you can view that write up here.

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out here several times, and interestingly, always with Jacqui. Because it’s situated in the midst of a residential neighbourhood, we’re almost always joined by other residents who frequent the café. This place seems to have created a strong community feel in this lovely environment that feeds both of us creatively. Juicy conversation, and ideas are rolling each time we sit down with a coffee here. I’m so grateful to have a unique place like this to go to…we need more of these types of places in our neighbourhood…

Please, check it out, I am sure you will enjoy it! And, Jacqui, thank you so much for the introduction and the wonderful times we have here 🙂 Here’s to many more! oxo


It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been in what feels like a creative funk or rut – much in need of renewed inspiration – although I have been shooting for play as regularly as I can – I feel like I finally managed to shoot some fun images worth sharing that came out of a spontaneous event.

On Wednesday night, I was invited by a good friend to race on a sailboat out of West Vancouver. It’s been awhile since I had the pleasure of boating. Also, Vancouver had it’s first absolutely spectacular sunny day in  – I have no idea how long it has been. The combination of boating and gorgeous weather had me looking skyward and silently saying thank you while remembering days like that are why I live in this city.

Naturally, camera came with me – and I got to “play” and experiment creatively while the crew raced the boat and I tried to stay out of the way and do my thing. Images that came out of my play time follow – now feeling re-inspired and renewed from such a beautiful evening. There will be lots more sailing and shooting for me this season 🙂

Thanks John P. and crew for an amazing time!