Artful Impressions: Lone Board Paddler

More spectacular light from White Rock. I re-discovered this image on the weekend while going through my archives. This image was shot on my iPhone and processed in both Camera +, and then sharpened a tad in photoshop before exporting it out.

I took it in the beginning of September while hanging out on the beach front in White Rock with a friend. We were in the beginning stages of planning our trip to Italy. It’s a lovely memory, and also was a very peaceful sunset. It brings the feel of embarking on new adventures for me. Enjoy!


Artful Impressions

I’ve long thought about creating a repetitive post here on my blog that displays stand alone images. It won’t be a daily or weekly image post, as I’d prefer to call them “Artful Impressions”, and they may happen often or not so often, with or without a story attached to them. I’ve learned (the hard way) to have a camera with me wherever I go to catch compelling moments of light, beauty and inspiration – and that can be my DSLR, a point & shoot or even just my iPhone. I’ve gotten into the habit of shooting many a frame in my daily life with my iPhone and have created an image journal out of it. They say the best camera is the one you’ve got with you!

Yesterday, I had plans to spend the day in White Rock with family and friends. The sun was out, and I knew from past experience walking the pier along the water that winter light in this community is spectacular. I brought my DSLR knowing there would be some form of gorgeousness that would come up. Sure enough, that moment came – and luckily I was prepared. Taken at the very end of the pier, a crowd had gathered to watch this small plane fly by over the water, with the sun, the glistening water, and a seagull all perfectly positioned, I hit the shutter just as the plane was passing through the frame.

White Rock Winter Sun

I took this with my Canon 5D Mark II, ISO 200, F22 @ 1/500 in Aperture Priority Mode.